Enviromental Policy

Environmental considerations

Powder Metallurgy is a recognized green technology. NAPOSINT technology are environmental friendly and save natural resources through recycling.
What Makes PM Green ?

  • •    Raw materials sourced from recycled metals and scrap
  • •    100% recyclable scrap and parts
  • •    Energy efficient production for a smaller carbon footprint
  • •    Minimal machining to reduce waste
  • •    Higher-strength components to extend product life
  • •    All manufacturing processes are energy-efficient, yield low emissions and conserve raw materials.

Since 2007 the NAPOSINT’s Environmental Management System is certified according to EN ISO 14001:2004. It is the aim of our company to reduce where possible the impact our activities may have on the environment.
The primary objectives of NAPOSINT’s Environmental policy are:

  • •    To comply with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • •    To monitor all new and revisions to existing legislation.
  • •    To continuously strive to improve our environmental performance.

NAPOSINT will achieve these objectives by adhering to the following commitments:

  • •    To assign responsibilities throughout the site.
  • •    To maintain a formalized Environmental Management System.
  • •    To set objectives and targets to prevent pollution, and manage our environmental impacts.
  • •    To provide relevant training for all employees.
  • •    To integrate environmental performance considerations into decision making at all levels.
  • •    To consider the environmental impacts associated with products throughout their life cycle.

NAPOSINT Components encourages all of its customers and suppliers to be environmentally responsible.
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